Celtic Hounds


For the Irish Wolfhound, a proper diet is very important. By maintaining a healthy weight these large dogs it can help take stress off thier joints and bones. They need a high- quality dog food. They should eat about 4 to 8 cups of food a day, divided into two meal. The quanity will be depend on the size, age and energy level of your dog. A dog food designed for large breeds is recommended. Bloat is a serious risk to larger dogs, so no strenuous exercise shorty before or after eating.
Irish Wolfhound need a moderate amount of exercise. They are natural hunting dogs, so a fenced yard is recommened and be sure to always walk them on a leash to prevent running off after other animals. About 20 - 40 mins a day is all that is recommneded for this breed. They can become coach potatos as they age, so make sure to maintain a regular exercise routine.
Health Risks:
Irish Wolfhounds have moderate risk of certain cancers. But, because of their large stature they are pron to have hip problems, so maintaining a healthy weight is important to minimize hip dysplasia. With having a deep chest be on the look out for bloat. Also, because of how long their legs are they are poven to cardiac issues, if you see your wolfhound licking his paws alot, this a sign of a circulation issue.